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madeline 726

lately i”vebeen slightly obsessive with my quest for an antique skeleton key. it all started with watching an unremarkable movie on the TV with my mom. the movie was average but what really got my attention was the old house as the main setting. it was beautiful and all the rooms were locked up. each room had a key and a master skeleton key that opened all of them. the master key was an intricate old key that unlocked all of the secrets of the generations who lived there before.

madeline 741

I love the idea of a key, how it can symbolize opportunities and reveal your darkest secrets. after seeing the movie i decided that i MUST obtain one for myself and so my quest for a skeleton key started. i went to six antique and thrift stores and none sold keys. some had lots of keys but they wouldn’t sell them. finally after fruitless efforts i came across the most darling antique store and found what i sought for!

these three key necklaces are the results.

madeline 740madeline 736madeline 738madeline 727

at the rate i’ve been making jewelry i think i might start selling it again; i work at a bead store in the summer so making jewelry is sort of unavoidable. sorry i’ve been such a bad blogger but lately my life has been extremely uneventful.




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Snail Mail!

Oh, how I lovvve getting letters in the mail! I love sending them too. Basically, how I see it is that a letter on white-lined paper is rather boring so I try to make my letters as cuuute and interesting as possible.

Also, why write only one letter? The more the better. This is the letter I sent Nina, (along with a few other friends).


It is a bundle of letters made out of post-its, sissors, white paper, and ribbon. It was inspired by the bundle of love letters in the NoteBook.


Photo from marcoecrazyhorse

Here’s mine.


As always,

Maddie Mail

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