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dazzling decisions

I am at the fork no longer, no longer pondering the choice. I’ve begun to take the path less traveled. The path that is covered in underbrush and barely visible any longer. One that leads to achievement and the fullest life I could ever ask for. Where one really lives and dreams; and aspirations are no longer that, but of the finest reality. It is a difficult path to follow and surely a challenge it will be not to get lost along the way. It is formed from inspirations, innovation and the strive for true intelligence. For a while I’ve unknowing searched for this path; unfulfilled by the life I was leading; hating the person I am and unconsciously longing for the person I can be. I will be. A pining so great I could scream out loud. Run without direction, knowing I wont get lost but find myself. These words are flowing quicker then I can grasp them and pull them back. I am happy, content with hopes and dreams that if I don’t let them out, they will explode from me and disappear. I am going to strive to keep this feeling to stay. One of accomplishment and of utter bliss. I don’t want to fall farther down any longer.


-Maddie Motivated


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