Snail Mail!

Oh, how I lovvve getting letters in the mail! I love sending them too. Basically, how I see it is that a letter on white-lined paper is rather boring so I try to make my letters as cuuute and interesting as possible.

Also, why write only one letter? The more the better. This is the letter I sent Nina, (along with a few other friends).


It is a bundle of letters made out of post-its, sissors, white paper, and ribbon. It was inspired by the bundle of love letters in the NoteBook.


Photo from marcoecrazyhorse

Here’s mine.


As always,

Maddie Mail


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One response to “Snail Mail!

  1. I love the little letter bundle. I haven’t written a letter for years…

    I used to have Lisa Frank stationery that I thought was fantastic with dolphins jumping over the moon or something. Maybe I should make some grown-up stationery and actually write a real letter…without a keyboard. How novel.

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