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New blog.

I don’t know why but I keep making new blogs.Perhaps it is because I love the ability to document things and share them with others. Anyways, the new blog is called Bijouterie Du Jour which in english means jewelry of the day. You guessed it; the blog is entirely about jewelry, mainly the pieces I made with picture tutorials.

du jour

Hope you enjoy it,

-Maddie Mudpie


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madeline 726

lately i”vebeen slightly obsessive with my quest for an antique skeleton key. it all started with watching an unremarkable movie on the TV with my mom. the movie was average but what really got my attention was the old house as the main setting. it was beautiful and all the rooms were locked up. each room had a key and a master skeleton key that opened all of them. the master key was an intricate old key that unlocked all of the secrets of the generations who lived there before.

madeline 741

I love the idea of a key, how it can symbolize opportunities and reveal your darkest secrets. after seeing the movie i decided that i MUST obtain one for myself and so my quest for a skeleton key started. i went to six antique and thrift stores and none sold keys. some had lots of keys but they wouldn’t sell them. finally after fruitless efforts i came across the most darling antique store and found what i sought for!

these three key necklaces are the results.

madeline 740madeline 736madeline 738madeline 727

at the rate i’ve been making jewelry i think i might start selling it again; i work at a bead store in the summer so making jewelry is sort of unavoidable. sorry i’ve been such a bad blogger but lately my life has been extremely uneventful.



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Snail Mail!

Oh, how I lovvve getting letters in the mail! I love sending them too. Basically, how I see it is that a letter on white-lined paper is rather boring so I try to make my letters as cuuute and interesting as possible.

Also, why write only one letter? The more the better. This is the letter I sent Nina, (along with a few other friends).


It is a bundle of letters made out of post-its, sissors, white paper, and ribbon. It was inspired by the bundle of love letters in the NoteBook.


Photo from marcoecrazyhorse

Here’s mine.


As always,

Maddie Mail

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french fruit market

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Twilight Test

Twilight Test from Dumb Spot!

Dumb Quizzes | MySpace Quizzes & Quotes | Make a Quiz

What? Weird because I always felt that Jasper was the one character I couldn’t relate to. He was always a mystery to me, how could I possibly be the most like him? Silly inaccurate quizzes.

I won’t beleive it,

Maddie Mystery

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my name.

My name is Madeline. Like the shell-shaped cake common in France or your nearby Starbucks Coffee shop. They’re sweet and light and yummy.

Madeline is the name of the beloved TV character. The little French orphan. My older brother named me after her actually. My mom agreed to it too simply because she liked it as well. “It is a classic, old fashion name,” I remember her telling me once. She had the opportunity to choose two other names as well so I don’t think she minded very much that he got to choose. For she had the choice of my sisters names as well.

Anyways, I loved that show. Madeline was clever, adventurous, and always found herself in a situation. She was exciting. Sometimes I feel like the name better suits one of my sisters; and not just because of her red hair.

 In France a corky, upbeat lady, an artist by nature, use to call me Marie Madeleine which is basically the French version of Mary Magdalene. I stayed in the town, who could claim her head. I witnessed the annual parade honoring Marie Madeleine. Even got to see her scull.

I got nick names too. Madds, Mad, Maddy, Madi, Maddypoo, and Maddy fatty. They all actually have a story to tell like the old man at the local bar. They are me. They define who I am.

 Madeline is sweet, light, exciting, adventurous, classy, and all these things.

Madeline is a good name; I just wish I could live up to it.

Maddie Matter of Fact

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the difference between me and you

When I stopped trying to look happy and started trying to be happy, you stopped trying to look happy and stopped trying. I kept everyone in the dark while you shared the darkness; dampening the spirits around you. I slowly started living. You slowly started dying.

Truth is; I miss you.

Maddie Morose

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